Desk Booking System

A simple desk booking app for offices

Boost teamwork even with people working hybrid - partly from home or remote locations. Desk booking supports individual and group planning of office use while you direct the business.

Hybrid working that actually works
Desk booking sorts all of the following for you:

Hybrid working model

Easily manage when your teams need to be in the office. Set the workplace strategy: the availability, team schedules, and zones, and let the app do the rest.




Keeping schedules neat

Don’t get lost in calendar blockers. Desk booking offers everyone an easy way of letting others know when they are in the office.

Face-to-face meetings

One click and anyone can sit right next to the person they need to talk to and work with. The app lets your team see when colleagues are coming to work and what desks they booked.

Optimise your personal workspace

Understand the demand for your space and adjust it to match your current needs.

Control the space
Manage demand and density


Desk booking helps you control how many people come to the office and how they use the workspace. Give people flexibility, but make sure everyone stays safe.


  • allow booking desks in advance on selected dates
  • enable personal social interaction
  • manage hybrid settings – limit office capacity any time
  • gather data about office occupancy
Collaborate extensively
Work together as before



Desk booking’s smart planning enables your people to create project teams and follow their members’ activity in one place. Scheduling a group meeting just takes a few taps of the screen!
  • Team setup
  • The right people close by
  • The perfect desk is ready
  • The office at a glance
The Best features of Desk Booking
Download the PDF brochure to learn more about the Desk Booking System by Symbiosy. Just fill out your email and get the file.

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Easy management
Adjust the capacity any time


Did you book Wednesdays in the office for Marketing but then found out Mondays would work better? As an admin, you can always control any aspect of desk booking and adjust the default office settings.

Keep control

  • manage the list of available desks
  • make desk attributes (window proximity, hardware equipment, zone name, group of desks, etc.)
  • assign groups of desks to users, teams or departments
  • modify users’ rights
  • get an overview of how your office is used
  • use an analytical and reporting tool

Manage desks

Set up your desks, activate or deactivate them and bring your new workplace strategy to life.
Manage Desks

Desk Attributes

Set up desk attributes (position, equipment etc.) to support wellbeing of your employees.
Manage Desks

Desk Groups

Create desks zones to support social distancing and enable employees to select their workspace.
Manage Users

Users Groups

Give your teams the desired level of control, assign them to department and align their booking options with your hybrid working strategy.

Manage Bookings

Provide users with admin rights so they can create and change bookings on behalf of others.
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Pricing & Sign Up
Get a walk-through


No initial fees. Just fill in the three fields in the Indicative price calculator to get your estimated monthly fee.

What do you get with your subscription?

  • Mobile app access for all employees
  • Desk booking & scheduling
  • Catch a space (find your ideal space in the office) for:
    • Meet & Collaborate
    • Focus & Call
    • Workstation
  • Admin console
    • Admin account with 3 different levels of access
  • Real-time office capacity and workspace occupancy
  • An analytical and reporting tool
What is your estimated price?
Indicative price calculator
Starts from
 1.95  / user / month
No payment is required at this stage.
Questions popping up?
Do I need a new license to book a desk at different offices?
Each user needs only one license to book desks at all your Symbiosy-registered offices.
What information and data to I need to provide?
We need a list of your users, your office floorplans and the names of your bookable areas, spaces and meeting rooms.
My people travel to a mix of offices – can they book desks wherever they choose?
Registered users can book desks in every Symbiosy-registered office – separately or in bulk.
How do I pay for the Desk booking service?
Access to the Desk booking service is set up on a subscription fee basis per app user, invoiced quarterly or annually, subject to the agreed upon contract.
Can I combine Desk booking with other features on the More app?
Of course. Desk booking is just a part of the More smart office app. You can enjoy all kinds of features, from comfortable parking and seamless access within an office building to easy finding a workstation according to current need – and make your workspace experience even more rewarding.