3D virtual office model
Manage your workspace adeptly thanks to our 3D virtual twin
Real-time data and insights for easy decision making

Follow the office bustle, check the conditions and establish better working habits. Your workspace’s digital twin can help.


Understand how your office and the employees in it work. All the data collected from sensors is displayed in a 3D office model.

What do you get with 3D virtual office model?

  • Mobile App & Personal coach
  • Wayfinding
  • Find colleagues
  • Occupancy
  • Enviro heatmaps (temperature, CO2, humidity, noise…)
  • Booking status
  • Hot desks
  • Customisable information layers
Empower teams with our mobile app
Provide your teams with access to a suite of workspace tools that allow them to plan their day effectively.
  • Find and book workspaces
  • View and change your comfort conditions
  • Grow and nurture your internal network


Analytics & Insights
How are your requirements changing with your company’s evolution?

Synchronise the way in which teams use physical and new digital workspaces with real-time insights to make the most of your office investment.


Integrate all analytics easily with single API feed.


What do you get with Analytics & Insights?

  • Wellbeing and environmental metrics
  • Office space utilisation reports
  • Workstyles and meeting habits
  • Team collaboration physically vs online
  • Single API feed for simple client analytics integration

Space experience

Meeting room booking and control

Take control of your meeting room experience

Adjust environmental conditions, order catering and request IT support through a single intuitive interface

What do you get with space experience?

  • Control Light / Air / Shade / Temperature / Scenes
  • Display environmental data
  • Create and extend bookings
  • Request services: catering / IT / cleaning
  • Personal bubble remembers your preferences
tablet-content tablet-content
Seamless journey
Don’t waste a second getting to your desk

Mobile-based touchless access technology for your teams, including visitor access and parking systems


What do you get with Seamless journey?

  • Mobile app with access control
  • Secure access via Bluetooth
  • Facial recognition access integrations available
  • Visitor Management System integrations booking / QR passes / RFID
  • Parking system integrations
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